“It’s inspiring, entertaining, and we hope that you and your family will join us for “Contest”. (Stuart Snyder, President, Cartoon Network)

“Watched the screener on Thursday for the first time.  I was completely over the moon with it.    You and your team  are extremely  talented.    This is all such a plus for  Contest "The Movie".  You were able to elevate it, compliment it, bring out emotions, but never overwhelm it.   Thank you so much.”

(Howard T. Alter, Producer)

“You and your team did a great job - Thanks again for your very valuable contributions to the project!”  (Steven Lerner, Music Supervisor)

“This is truly exquisite - it was the one sequence where I've been concerned about scoring ever since I wrote the first draft… it's a very delicate scene to nail - but your work here (like everything else I've heard from you) is absolutely masterful!”  (Anthony J Giunta, Director)

“Love the score!  Great job!” (Markus Innocenti, Director)

“Perfect!...Thank you so much for your work....I couldn’t ask for better!” (Leo Foti, Director)

I love them!!!!  Thank you so much Robert!!!  I think they are perfect! (Crystal Us, Director)

“WOW!!!  The first cue is Amazing you are 100% in the right direction. I must say, I knew your score would be this awesome.” (Rick Winters, Director)

“The talented composer of the score....How lucky is this producer to work with such talented people.  Thanks Robert.  The score is perfect!”  (Michael King, Producer)

“....a virtuosic celebration..creates a musical picture quite cinematic in its power to evoke....in its jagged rhythms and bravura string writing..” (Gary Lemco, Music Critic)

“Robert, ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!” (Lubin Media)

Thanks Robert, It sounds amazing! Daniel did a wonderful job on the mix” (Kate Rees Davies, Director)

“...in every instance he created a fresh and innovative sound that captured the essence perfectly......Robert has the ability and the gift to write clearly and effectively while creating wonderful works of art...”

(Lars Kaario, Artistic Director of Laudate)